About Sisters2Sisters' Work

We are a team composed of women from inside Myanmar, from the Myanmar diaspora, and women working in solidarity with Myanmar.

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Sisters2Sisters' Values

Our Values

Speak up and fight for all women under dictatorships globally. Working with others to dismantle systems of oppression and patriarchy. 

Raising Awareness
About women and LGBTQ political prisoners, survivors of systemic violence.

Sisters2Sisters celebrates and honors the collaborative spirits of all women.

We seek to support spaces and opportunities for psychosocial wellbeing and healing, and to amplify the work grassroots womens rights groups. 

We value collaborating and building partnerships with like-minded local and global women rights groups 

Redistribution of Power
We want our work to be guided by the wisdom of women who are most impacted and most targeted by oppressive systems.

We are committed to reaching across all borders, be they ethnic, gender, religious, or socioeconomic. 


Our Social Media

We believe in using the power of social media to encourage solidarity. Follow our pages below to keep up with our work.

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